Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) characterizes the 3D structures of trees, thus can provide useful inputs (e.g., tree species, heights, crown sizes, biomass) for ecosystem understanding and for efficient forest management. New techniques are quickly emerging to collect LiDAR with better quality and capabilities. However, there are questions remaining unsolved regarding the successful application of LiDAR data and techniques to complex environments such as mediterrenean and mixed forest. The increased point density of discrete return LiDAR data or even full waveform LiDAR data introduce new challenges as well.

Our laboratory is involved in research activity related to:

+ quantification of forest natruale damages
+ prediction of forest inventories variables
+ mapping forest structures


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Master Thesis

  • D’Amico Giovanni (2017). A spatially-explicit method to assess the growing stock volume in coastal pine forests (Pinus pinea L.) in Tuscany using laser scanning data.
    Supervisors: Gherardo Chirici, Davide Travaglini
    English abstract available on-line
  • Grotti Mirko (2017). Impiego di dati Airborne Laser Scanning per la stima della provvigione legnosa e delle categorie assortimentali: il caso di studio del complesso forestale di Rincine (FI).
    Supervisors: Gherardo Chirici, Nicola Puletti
    English abstract available on-line
    Italian Full text available on-line