Prof. Gherardo Chirici

Not all the papers are the same.
This one is a special one with a long, long history. Maybe interesting for some of you.
1999-2000 the BEAR project ( defined the need of a common standardised system of nomenclature for evaluating forest biodiversity in Europe 2006 an international team within an EEA project publish the first system of nomenclature for European Forest Types (…/technical_report_2006_9) the system was then revised in Barbati et al. 2014 2011 in SOEF for the first type some forest variables statistics are reported by EFT!
The system was abandoned in SOEF2015 because the attribution to EFT was considered too subjective.
Now this task is also completed with an automated R package that can classify pixels or field plots anambiguously to the EFT categories. We hope EFT will came back in the next SOEF!

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Giannetti, F., Barbati, A., Mancini, L., Travaglini, D., Bastrup-Birk, A., Canullo, R., Nocentini, S., Chirici, G., 2018. European Forest types: toward an automated classification. Annals of Forest Science 75:6. doi:10.1007/s13595-017-0674-6