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The SURF project – System of decision-making SUppoRto sustainable forest planning – defined a proposal for setting up an Operational Group (GO), which aims to assess the feasibility of implementing a Decision Support System (SSD) across Tuscany based on spatial modeling to support sustainable forest management on a corporate scale.

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B-Forest_conLoghiB-FOREST will contribute  to implement forest management systems in GAL START areas to reinforce market power of private forest owners, forestry companies, public managers, service companies, and free professionals thanks to the implementation of new technological tools that allow to support forest planning. B-FOREST will contribute to design new computer tools that allows to implement Precision Forestry practices in daily forest work.

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PrecisionPOP will contribute in developing new methods for supporting the sustainable development of poplar plantations in Regione Lombardia!
Sentinel-2 images with UAV and field surveys will be integrated in a new WEBGIS platform for accessing information estimated with our algorithms and for early detection of stress conditions.

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GEONATURA is a project under Strategic Partnership at Higher Educational Institutions for providing an eclectic and multidisciplinary formation by teaching & training activities on applied Geomatics for science & technology on engineering & management aspects. Background of university partners will be matched to benefit different audience levels considering the chosen main themes; sustainable development and environment, smart cities, climate change, renewable energy sources, social and socio environmental issues, sustainable agriculture, farming and forestry, land administration and built environment. Associate partners with background on GIS software and needs for geospatial work on all types of data are to be gathered on the initiative in all countries of partners (Portugal, UK- Scotland, Netherlands and Italy). Special focus prioritizing Azores territory is to be performed.

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FRESh LIFE14 ENV/IT/000414

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“Demonstrating Remote Sensing integration in sustainable forest management – FRESh LIFE”

FRESh LIFE contributes in ensuring repeatability and reproducibility of forest mapping procedures at EU level, so that methodologies and products consistently with the activities of the European Forest Data Centre (EFDAC) and with the Forest Information System for Europe (FISE) of the European Commission.

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neufor logo
“Innovative models for the analysis of ecosystem services of forests in urban and periurban context”

The project is aimed to develop a methodological approach to assess ES in the management of new urban and peri-urban forests through the application of tools and maps of ES on the basis of operational monitoring activities.

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“Upscaling & spatially explicite estimation of biophysical variables with remote sensin”

Nearest neighbors techniques are applied for predicting forest
variables from satellite imagery and ground data acquired in ICP level I (biosoil) plots. This is the first time this kind of approach is used at a pan-European scale level.

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FORCIP+  ECHO/SUB/2015/718661/PREP20

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“Forest Roads for Civil Protection”

The main objective of the project is to improve the use of the rural road network in case of emergency, especially forest fires. The project aims to improve the knowledge of rural network through its digital mapping. FORCIP+ also aims to design applications for emergency use.

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